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Backyard Movie Nights

A private movie night for your family and friends

When the sun goes down, watch the Hollywood stars come out, in your own backyard!

What you need:
    1.    A Dark Backyard (nightfall)
    2.   Electricity in backyard (2 - 15 amp circuits, outlets)
3.   A DVD movie
4.   Family and friends
5.   Microwave and drinks (little umbrellas optional)
    6. Lots of popcorn


What I bring:

1.   9 ft. tall by 12 ft. wide screen

2.   Projector

3.   Sound System

4.   The first bag of popcorn

As an outdoor event, we are governed by Mother Nature, and inclement weather is a show stopper. Available May through September.

Subject to availability, long distance travel charge applies over 25 miles.

A nice evening along the waterfront                      or a backyard 

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